PALLADIUM - the leader in strategy execution

 Palladium Group specializes in delivering value and sustainable performance by bringing strategies to life. We provide our clients with an integrated set of services—strategy and technology consulting, education, training, and certification—that deliver tangible results and build enduring internal capabilities. We help our clients achieve superior performance through an approach that marries expertise in change management and leadership with proven methodologies, including the Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP), the Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard (BSC), and other best practice frameworks that translate strategic concepts into tangible operational programs and measurable results. Palladium is the only firm that offers its clients a complete strategy execution system—a system supported by our heritage of innovative thought leadership and practical implementation expertise.


Palladium brings the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map, Strategy-Focused Organization and Strategy Management System concepts to organizations across the globe and has expanded the use of the original Kaplan/Norton based Balanced Scorecard concept still further, while always remaining true to the core framework. As a result, Palladium has become the worldwide expert in Strategy Execution.


How our clients benefit

As history has proven, an excellent strategy poorly executed delivers little of its intended value. Palladium Group specializes in strategy execution, delivering value in the areas of:

  • Strategic Clarity – Everyone understands the strategy and their role in actualizing it.
  • Organizational Alignment and Coordination – Everyone is working towards the same end.
  • Decision Making Guidance - Clear articulation of corporate priorities helps guide team members’ daily decisions.
  • Individual Accountability - Incentives aligned with organizational goals.
  • Governance and Measurement -  Better insight into where the organization is heading and it’s progress towards that goal.
  • Employee Engagement – Coaching and frameworks to insure strategy becomes everyone's objective.
  • Organizational Learning and Agility - Better comprehension of performance drivers along with accountability to the strategic execution effort.


 Our Balanced Scorecard Heritage

        Palladium was created to help organizations effectively and sustainably execute their strategies through the use of the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy-Focused Organization, and Strategy Management System frameworks created by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton more than twenty years ago. Founded by Dr. David Norton, and originally called Renaissance Solutions and then Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, the firm’s role is to provide consulting, education, conferences, technology and research that not only helps clients to effectively implement Balanced Scorecard programs but also to provide leading edge research based methodology development on the subject of the Balanced Scorecard. This has resulted in over twenty years experience with thousands of companies and organizations across all major industries throughout the world.


During the past two decades, the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map, Strategy-Focused Organization, and Strategy Management System frameworks have become globally accepted as one of the most powerful yet practical management tool sets ever developed. In order to effectively support this worldwide market, in 2005 Palladium was born. Palladium brings the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map, Strategy-Focused Organization and Strategy Management System concepts to organizations across the globe and has expanded the use of the original Kaplan/Norton based Balanced Scorecard concept still further, while always remaining true to the core framework. As a result, Palladium has become the worldwide expert in Strategy Execution. To capture these findings, the book The Execution Premium: Linking Strategy with Operations for Competitive Advantage (2008) was published, along with a series of related articles, representing the synthesis of two decades of learning in the field of effective Strategy Execution.


How to Drive Breakthrough Performance Throughout Your Organization

To achieve and sustain success, your organization must manage performance strategically. That means linking your strategy to individual, business unit and enterprise objectives. On average, companies realize only a fraction of the financial performance that their strategic plans promise—primarily due to failures in making strategy actionable, in aligning the organization and building commitment to the strategy, and in linking strategy to your business processes and strategic initiatives.


Strategy Execution is our core business

A good strategy is only half the battle and the best strategy poorly implemented will certainly fail. The rapidly changing environment we live in requires leaders to develop the ability to dynamically adjust to external and internal change and to continuously deploy and redeploy resources to shifting drivers of strategic and operational performance. Above all, leaders need to focus their limited resources on the critical few things that drive performance.

Through the application of world-class methodology in each of our areas of expertise, we provide our clients with an integrated set of services designed to deliver tangible results and leave lasting capabilities. Our thought leadership, led by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton, includes some of the most widely adopted methods in business including Strategy Maps, the Balanced Scorecard, the Palladium Execution Premium ProcessTM (XPP), and Results Engineering. Through the use of simulation, war-gaming, and other tactile facilitation techniques we are able to make the work at hand interesting, engaging and practical. Our pragmatic, hands-on “one team” approach involves working alongside our clients to co-develop solutions that will stand the test of time.


Palladium offers you hands-on learning experiences, how-to approaches for getting results, and practitioner networking opportunities.

Strategy execution is the prerequisite to breakthrough results and fundamental to success. However, executing strategy is challenging, and many organizations fail to execute their strategy because they lack the skills and capabilities for successful strategy execution.


  •        Take away a tangible process for strategy management
  •        Leverage Best Practice research for your organization
  •        Learn from best practice case studies from actual implementations
  •        Benefit from the only training in the world endorsed by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton

Who Should Attend?

CEOs; CIOs; CFOs; COOs; Presidents; SVPs; VPs of Strategy Management; Executive Leadership Teams; Line of Business Leaders and General Managers; Strategy Managers and Planners; Business Planning, Strategists, Analysts; Financial Professionals


Proven frameworks. Custom approach. Sustainable results.

Palladium knows how to make strategy execution a long-term core competency in your organization—no matter what its industry, where it operates, or whether it's a corporation, not-for-profit entity, or government agency.

How do we help? We deploy our unique resources—including the world's largest body of strategy execution know-how and our proven Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP)—to show you how to construct and sustain a strategy management system tailored to your organization. Our goal is to become your long-term partner, earning your trust through our deep expertise, excellent advisory skills, and commitment to your success. We are also able to draw upon a wide spectrum of pioneering insights and practical implementation experience.

Perhaps, our most distinguishing mark is our collaborative work style. We are adept at serving the multi-facet roles of facilitator, catalyst, and executive mentor to co-create the strategy improvement effort with our clients. This helps solidify executive buy-in, build lasting capabilities with the client, and accelerate the change effort required throughout the organization.


Palladium delivers tangible results for its clients

Our firm’s success is about executing and delivering tangible results for our clients —as reflected in the many of our customer case studies, client testimonials, and awards and accolades garnered through Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy®.

Whether you are looking for support to refresh and test a new game-changing strategy, innovate your business model, design and deploy the management platform to drive on-going execution, streamline and enhance your operational and information infrastructure, or foster the leadership to lead these changes, we are here for you as a trusted partner and counsel of change.

Palladium Group is ready to play a pivotal role in transforming your business for the future!