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You can’t learn to speak English by reading about it

Most language courses are built around the written form of the language, but YES! that’s easy  is an innovative learning system that concentrates exclusively on helping learners build and practice their English speaking skills, as simply and as rapidly as possible. 



     All languages evolved firstly as speech. 

     All humans learn their first language exclusively through its spoken form: we learn the written form only when our speech is already well established.

     The vast majority of human communication is conducted through spoken language: most people always speak far more words than they ever write.

●   Speaking skills are the most immediately useful and practical form of any language. Communication requires the ability to express yourself verbally. 


     We are all born into a particular linguistic environment, surrounded by fluent speakers of that language.

     We all have the capacity to learn to speak any language when immersed in that linguistic environment. No language is too hard for a small child to learn.

     Learning to speak a language is not just a cognitive process, it is also a process of physical skill development.

●  Speech is learned by trial and error; by listening, copying, correcting, and by repetitive practice.



      ●     Most English language learners are not surrounded by fluent speakers of that language outside of the classroom, and are often not being taught by native English-speakers inside the classroom.

      ●     Most English language learning processes are carried out with groups, using resources that are primarily in the written form of English.

      ●     Conventional classroom-based teaching/learning programs are optimized for group learning and cognitive study, not for personal physical skills development.

      ●     Most English language learners do not have sufficient opportunity to practice their individual speaking skills, either inside or outside the classroom.

●  The typical result of the standard classroom-based English spoken   language  process is for students to acquire an acceptable level of English literacy competence, but a much poorer level of speaking skills.



     YES! is an individual skill development tool focused solely on building spoken English skills

     YES! augments and enhances the ESL learning process, it does not compete with, nor replace, existing ESL programs. YES! delivers what a classroom cannot.

     YES! provides a linguistic environment for speaking practice outside the classroom.

     YES! contains many examples of native English speakers with a range of common English accents, using their normal speaking voices.

     YES! provides the necessary opportunity for extensive repetitive speech practice to reinforce understanding and to build familiarity and fluency.

●  YES! is delivered privately to personal mobile devices, to protect shy learners or students from having to perform in front of others until they have developed confidence in their speaking skills.




Watch:       3,000 very short videos, all with young native English-speakers face-to-face with the learner.

Listen:       Thousands of useful words, phrases, sentences, all spoken in a normal speaking voice with a range of common English  accents.

Copy:        Say the English words aloud with the presenters, to build familiarity and fluency, so that you can speak English with confidence.

Check:      At any time, video yourself saying exactly what the presenter is saying, and compare your own performance with theirs, face to face. 

Repeat:     All the videos loop endlessly, to encourage easy repetitive practice.  That’s how you learn to SPEAK English – quickly and easily!

Build pronunciation, comprehension, listening, and translation skills with our online one-on-one English tutors, all this requires is either an Android or Apple mobile phone.


Subject to your situation you may want to consider one of the following three opportunities:-

1.      YES! for Schools, Colleges, Companies, Organizations & Universities:

Fee Structure based on 12 months access per Learner/User:-

0-100 Learner/Users       @                    US$63.50

01-250                              @                    US$55.60

251-500                            @                    US$47.60

500 +                                @                    US$39.70

Fees are subject to change with 30 days notice.

2.      YES! for Company/Industry Specific Customized English Speaking Programs:

Fee Structure based on 12 months access per Learner/User:-

Min 100 – 250 Learner/Users     @       US$119.00

251-500                                        @       US$  79.40

500 +                                            @       US$  55.60

Fees are subject to change with 30 days notice.


Or how about this Corporate Social Responsibility/Sponsorship Offer:-

YES! for 12 months access for a minimum of 10,000 Learners/Users YES! will forego its normal cost recovery  and profit @ YES! only US$   3.20 per Learner/User.  Fee subject to change with 30 days notice.

The corporate cost is miniscule compared to many other corporate social responsibility or marketing-related sponsorships, and think of the incredible benefits to recipients.  The ‘good corporate citizen’ PR and daily brand exposure that would accrue from a branded educational sponsorship of this type would be extremely valuable, and the commitment can be capped to the number of users that the sponsor wishes to support.

What a great way to sponsor your future customers, while at the same time probably making some existing customers happier, and/or creating new customers!!!

YES, essentially this means that as a sponsoring organisation you could make YES! available to any  Vietnam schools, colleges or universities, and/or the children of your existing customers and employees.  YES at no cost to them, in return for you paying YES! this single very low per user annual fee to cover the cost of maintaining and improving the app and to cover the data bandwidth cost of video delivery. 

The fee structure is designed to enable ‘free’ delivery of core generic materials to users who have either Android or IOS mobile phones access.  The commitment of YES!  to such sponsorship is that it will forgo its usual commercial profit for any sponsor willing to subsidize the cost of at least 10,000 users/learners/students to the widespread app usage of YES!.



v  YES! doesn't need intense and expensive teacher re-training to deliver immediate benefits, nor need it disrupt class schedules or work activities

v  YES! can also help teachers who are not native speakers of English to build their speaking confidence along with their students

v  YES! is 100% focused on practical communication skills and not on theory

v  YES! is online, so available 24/7 so it can be used at home, at school, college, university or in the workplace to build skills

v  Another major plus is that the cost benefit ratio of YES! compared to any other way of improving spoken English proficiency is huge.