We specialize in helping companies, organizations and individuals to achieve desired business outcomes and results by transforming people’s beliefs and behavior at work, thus maximizing potential.

In this fast moving technology changing world, people are still the key to success, and as Rich Layton said:-.

Competitors may approximate your products, replicate your services, and even install the same leading-edge technologies that you use, but they cannot duplicate your people. Fact is, that its workforce is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage any business has.

Accordingly, our services are designed to improve the productivity, performance and professionalism of people at all levels, and thus increase results and achieve business objectives.

We do this through Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting and Training services in combination with and supported by the following international organizations which we represent in Vietnam:-

v   AsiaIDA Ltd which specializes in the design and delivery of a wide range of professional training courses and programs. They recently extended their range of insurance industry courses by entering into business cooperation arrangements with the following:-

      v Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (IIAP) A leader in the provision of non-life training services in Asia.

      v Talent Asia Training & Consulting (TATC) A Singapore based company providing training and consulting services, mainly for the insurance industry.

      v   Andrew Cheah a very experienced and professional trainer from Malaysia.


      Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions the international leader in HR assessment services for improved recruitment, employee development, competency assessment, career planning, teamwork and succession planning. Effective as from 1 January 2017 and by mutual agreement with AsiaIDA and HATS we became the exclusive HATS Solution Partner for Vietnam.


      IZONEN Sales Coaching & Training is an extension of our representation with Bruce King and provides an outstanding service for those companies who want to develop their sales teams in order to maximize results and profits. Refer Current News Items and Our Services sections for further details.


      We have entered into a business cooperation arrangement with IorTa Technologies Pvt Ltd of India to provide the latest and best sales and marketing program to the BFSI sector – refer Our Services section for further details.


The Palladium Group – founded and owned by Drs Kaplan & Norton the creators of Balanced Scorecard and the international leaders in strategic planning, implementation and execution, with extensions into all aspects of corporate and market development and expansion.

YES-that’s easy Pty Ltd – the easiest, fastest and most economical way to improve SPOKEN ENGLISH – the Business Language of the world.

Also check out the Associates section for the local companies with whom we have business cooperation arrangements for the provision of their specialized services.

For further details go to “Our Services” section.